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So someone asked me about bleaching and dying hair, and I wrote a lot.  BUT HERE IT IS AGAIN!

Just in case anyone would like this info.

First of all, brown hair is relatively difficult to bleach if it’s dark, but much easier than black hair.  Since I bleached from black hair, I recommend that you check your hair every 20-30 minutes to see the progress.  So, let us begin!

What you need:

  • I recommend buying the 30 volume developer to bleach your hair.  The brand I used was found in hot topic, called Raw White or something.  Perhaps rather costly, but I know it works well (example: it doesn’t flake out of your hair while you’re bleaching or make a huge mess, and it does the job well).  A lot of people have tried the 40 developer, but they often find that it fries their hair really badly.
    I don’t remember what my friend used, but I can ask her.  It’s probably cheaper. 
  • The hair dye I used is the brand Manic Panic.  It stayed in my hair pretty well, but if you want to keep any unnatural colors you’ll have to reapply the dye every now and then.  Will explain that later.
  • If the bleach kit doesn’t come with it, some sort of brush to put the bleach in your hair.  Should be one of those that you would find in a hair salon or a hair kit at home
  • An old t-shirt you don’t care about or a plain white shirt
  • Gloves
  • Aluminum.  Aluminum will help speed up the process because it traps the heat, and the chemical reaction takes place faster when there is heat present.

Steps to bleach hair:

  1. Do your best to find a friend to help you
  2. I started with my hair dry.
  3. Mix the developer components together.
  4. Have some pieces of foil ready
  5. When you bleach your hair, start from the ENDS of your hair.  The hair near your scalp will bleach faster because of the heat from it.
  6. Starting from the ENDS, take a piece of foil, and holding it with your hair apply bleach generously to it, making sure all the strands are covered.  It’s okay to apply bleach beyond the boundaries of the foil, and I would recommend it because it ensures that you don’t leave any odd stripes in your hair.
  7. Wrap the bleached hair up in the foil, but again I recommend leaving some of the bleached parts that connect to the rest of your hair out so that there is overlap between bleach and foil and so your hair bleaches better
  8. Repeat until all your “ends” are covered.  You will have to judge for yourself how much of your “ends” you will want to bleach depending on how long your hair is, but as long as it is below the top of your neck I would say it’s a relatively safe bet to bleach in larger areas.  If you have long hair that’s past the shoulders, I would recommend applying bleach in your hair up to the base of your neck, and then do a second round applying bleach to your hair but leaving a few inches of hair between the bleach and your scalp
  9. Leave in for about 10 minutes
  10. Without taking out the foil or rinsing off the bleach, simply apply bleach to the rest of your hair and cover it in foil in whatever way you can.  Once I got to this part, I found that it was hard to wrap up my hair, so I just stuck sheets of foil onto my head lol
  11. Do not leave it in for more than 2 hours.  Check on it every 20-30 minutes, but remember that what you see is a little paler because the bleach in it is white.
  12. Wash with shampoo and then generously apply the toner to your hair.  Leave it in for about 10-15 minutes and rinse it out.  Be careful with the toner because it can stain cloth and shower curtains, so I would recommend just showering and crouching in the shower
  13. You need to at least reach a light blonde to apply color to your hair, so you may need to bleach it a second time.  How light you need it depends on how dark the blue is.  If it’s dark, a light blonde will suffice, but if it’s a light blue you may need to try for something close to platinum - be careful with the latter because your hair could get very damaged.  If you need to go lighter, repeat the steps and remember to check on it periodically because this time it’ll probably reach the desired shade in less time.
  14. Once you have achieved a light enough shade, shampoo the bleach out but do NOT use toner or conditioner!!!  This will prevent your hair from absorbing the color effectively.  Towel dry your hair and dry it thoroughly so that it’s basically almost completely dry, and then apply the color to all parts you want to color.  I personally like wrapping it up in foil because then I can use a blow dryer to set the color.  Heat will help make the color more vibrant and last longer.  I also personally left it in overnight (I know, I know) but the directions say 15 minutes.  I would still go for at least an hour though.
  15. Finally, first apply conditioner to your hair, and then rinse it out with the dye.  Be careful again because the hair dye stains, so I would just hop in the shower and crouch while carefully rinsing it out so that it doesn’t splash


  • Bleaching your hair WILL damage it, so if you do this you cannot use a straightener or a curler!  I also strongly recommend avoiding using a blow dryer, and washing your hair MAXIMUM once every two days.
  • If you plan on using a hair dye in a shade on the darker side, one bleaching may suffice.  the first time I dyed part of my hair turquoise, and I only bleached it once:imageObviously it turned out fine.  This was also when I left the color in overnight.
  • If you have short hair, I would just apply bleach all over right away.
  • If you have hair that is close to shoulder length but a bit shorter, I would say just do two rounds of applying bleach.  The first time, my friend just haphazardly roughly put bleach in 2/3 of my hair, and then the rest she just plopped it on and spread it all around so that it got to all the strands.  To do this, she used the brush to put bleach blobs on and then wearing gloves she rubbed her fingers against her thumb with my hair strands in between to get the bleach on all strands and on all parts.  I say haphazardly because there was basically no system lol.  It turned out like this after one bleaching, 2 hours:imageIf you want to dye your hair, I would recommend a lighter shade than this.  You can see that some parts of my bangs are basically white because they were previously bleached (this was their 3rd time…) I would recommend a shade in between the two that you see, so that your hair doesn’t fry but you can still get the desired color.
  • Also, related to the point above about applying bleach to the bottom 2/3 of it, I would STILL wait around 10-15 minutes before applying bleach to the rest because as you can see, we didn’t do that and part of my hair was darker (this also applies to what happens when you don’t make sure that every strand is covered):imageYeah it’s darker at the bottom.
  • For me, this resulted in a more natural look however because my hair wasn’t all evenly colored.  It’s a bit risky, but it’s your call.  I personally would do the 10-15 minute wait, but cover larger areas of hair each time I add bleach and though making sure all hair is covered, I would try to make it a bit uneven if possible.
  • You have to use conditioner every time you wash your hair.  And good conditioner, not just herbal essence.  I recommend something with henna.  There is this really good brand I used, but I don’t remember the name.  Remind me to check when I return home for the break this Saturday and send the name to you.
  • Finally, your hair will fade to a green color if you dye it blue. You will have to reapply the hair dye.  To do this, shampoo your hair WITHOUT using conditioner, and then towel dry it and you know the process.
  • MAKE SURE YOU BUY ENOUGH BLEACH FOR YOUR HAIR!  Ask the person in the store, they’ll be able to help you (hopefully). I used one bottle of that stuff from hot topic for one bleaching and it was just right for that length of hair that you see in the first blonde picture of me.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!  I know this is a lot of info, but it’s helpful.  I had friends who knew this do it for me before I did it myself.  I know people who didn’t know this and screwed up their hair.  If you don’t bleach it right, your hair can get very damaged and break off or fall out, or it’ll just look bad and you don’t want that. I would look over this info a few times, simplify it in a way you can understand and remember better, and maybe write it down in your own much shorter words.  And again, if you have any questions just ask me, and good luck!

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